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JCR products and services are based on U.S. standards and regulations


You’re stretched thin. You’ve got a limited staff and a limited budget. There’s too much information to read and learn but not enough time to keep up.

Sound familiar? We understand.

Our suite of Software Solutions provides standards and regulatory information to help you stay compliant. More hospitals use JCR software solutions than any other product. Learn how we can help.

Featured Software

  • Tracers with AMP®

    Price: $6,500.00

    Execute a successfully Tracer Methodology with confidence by using our powerful tracer software. Not sure where to start? We’ve created a library of over 3,000 sample questions across 50 clinical topics so you can spend your time collecting and analyzing the data to demonstrate how departments measure up. Tracers link directly to AMP so you’ll be able to accurately score the Elements of Performance™ (EPs) by accessing your tracer findings… More Details

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  • CMSAccess


    Price: $5,400.00 - $6,480.00

    At last, a fast and organized way to connect to CMS guidelines, transmittals, interactive forms, personal e-mail, alerts, publications, survey processes, and more. From completing the Medicare Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction online to your 23 CoP survey readiness checklist, you'll have easy access to useful tools, tips, timelines, and forms for maintaining continuous compliance with Medicare Conditions of Participation… More Details

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