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2018 Joint Commission and CMS Crosswalk: Comparing Hospital Standards and CoPs
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2018 Joint Commission and CMS Crosswalk: Comparing Hospital Standards and CoPs

Save time and frustration by having Medicare CoPs and hospital standards in a convenient reference book!

Release Date: March 2018. 572 pages.

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Product Description

Product Description

The hospital standards have changed significantly in 2017, along with the Medicare crosswalk. The 2018 Joint Commission and CMS Crosswalk: Comparing Hospital Standards and CoPs offers easy access to the full—and current—language of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) hospital Conditions of Participation (CoPs), and demonstrates their equivalency with the Joint Commission’s hospital standards. This allows staff to easily see how the two sets of requirements relate. The crosswalks in this guide can help hospital staff identify how policies, procedures, and practices support one or more Joint Commission standards and demonstrate compliance with equivalent CMS regulations. The book's sidebars and tables provide additional information on Joint Commission accreditation for deemed status, CMS-related updates, and how both organizations survey for compliance.
Key Topics:
  • Authoritative, side-by-side comparison of Medicare hospital CoPs to Joint Commission standards as of January 1, 2018
  • Eligibility requirements for Joint Commission hospital accreditation for deemed status
  • Description of deemed status and what that means for a hospital
  • Highlights of all the revisions to CMS regulations, including ongoing changes related to the switch to the 2012 Life Safety Code®
Key Features:
  • The only crosswalk of its kind reviewed and approved by The Joint Commission
  • Additional crosswalks comparing special CoPs for psychiatric hospitals to comparable Joint Commission standards
  • A reverse crosswalk listing Joint Commission requirements with comparable CoP numbers, showing equivalencies in the opposite direction
  • Tips to maintain compliance without duplicating effort
  • Convenient reference book format
Standards: All hospital standards equivalent to CMS requirements as of January 1, 2018
Settings: Any hospital using Joint Commission accreditation for deemed status purposes, including psychiatric hospitals
Key Audience:
  • Accreditation managers
  • Compliance officers
  • Risk managers
  • Quality improvement professionals

Joint Commission Resources, Inc. (JCR), a wholly controlled, not-for-profit affiliate of The Joint Commission, is the official publisher and educator of The Joint Commission.

JCR is an expert resource for health care organizations, providing advisory services, educational services and publications to assist in improving quality and safety and to help in meeting the accreditation standards of The Joint Commission. JCR provides advisory services independently from The Joint Commission and in a fully confidential manner.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Content of the Book
More About the Crosswalks
The Structure of the Standards and CoPs
Potential Limitations with the Crosswalks

Part 1: Understanding Deemed Status

What Is Deemed Status?
What Are the Eligibility Requirements for Joint Commission Hospital Deemed Status?
How Does My Hospital Achieve Joint Commission Accreditation for Deemed Status Purposes?
What Is Intracycle Monitoring?
How Do We Know What Requirements to Meet?
What Happens If a Joint Commission Surveyor Identifies Noncompliance?
How Will We Learn About Our Joint Commission Survey Findings?
How Will CMS Be Notified of Our Joint Commission Survey Results?
What Is a CMS Validation Survey?

Part 2: 2017 Joint Commission and CMS Hospital Crosswalk

§482.11 CoP: Compliance with Federal, State and Local Laws
§482.12 CoP: Governing Body
§482.13 CoP: Patient’s Rights
§482.21 CoP: Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Program
§482.22 CoP: Medical Staff
§482.23 CoP: Nursing Services
§482.24 CoP: Medical Record Services
§482.25 CoP: Pharmaceutical Services
§482.26 CoP: Radiologic Services
§482.27 CoP: Laboratory Services
§482.28 CoP: Food and Dietetic Services
§482.30 CoP: Utilization Review
§482.41 CoP: Physical Environment
§482.42 CoP: Infection Control
§482.43 CoP: Discharge Planning
§482.45 CoP: Organ, Tissue and Eye Procurement
§482.51 CoP: Surgical Services
§482.52 CoP: Anesthesia Services
§482.53 CoP: Nuclear Medicine Services
§482.54 CoP: Outpatient Services
§482.55 CoP: Emergency Services
§482.56 CoP: Rehabilitation Services
§482.57 CoP: Respiratory Care Services
§482.58 CoP: Special Requirements for Hospital Providers of Long-Term Care Services (“Swing-Beds”)
§483.10 CoP: Resident Rights
§483.12 CoP: Admission, Transfer and Discharge Rights
§483.13 CoP: Resident Behavior and Facility Practices
§483.15 CoP: Quality of Life
§483.20 CoP: Resident Assessment
§483.45 CoP: Specialized Rehabilitative Services
§483.55 CoP: Dental Services

Part 3: 2017 Joint Commission and CMS Psychiatric Hospital Crosswalk  

§482.60 CoP: Special Provisions Applying to Psychiatric Hospitals
§482.61 CoP: Special Medical Requirements for Psychiatric Hospitals
§482.62 CoP: Special Staf f Requirements for Psychiatric Hospitals

Part 4: Joint Commission Standards/EPs Equivalent to CoPs  

Environment of Care (EC)
Emergency Management (EM)
Human Resources (HR)
Infection Prevention and Control (IC)
Information Management (IM)
Leadership (LD)
Life Safety (LS)
Medication Management (MM)
Medical Staff (MS)
Nursing (NR)
Provision of Care, Treatment, and Services (PC)
Performance Improvement (PI)
Record of Care, Treatment, and Services (RC)
Rights and Responsibilities of the Individual (RI)
Transplant Safety (TS)
Part 5: Joint Commission Psychiatric Hospital Standards/EPs Equivalent to CoPs  
Human Resources (HR)
Leadership (LD)
Medical Staf f (MS)
Nursing (NR)
Provision of Care, Treatment, and Services (PC)
Record of Care, Treatment, and Services (RC)
Rights and Responsibilities of the Individual (RI)
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