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Project RED Success Stories

Success_StoriesFrom 2010-2012, JCR consultants worked with nearly 300 hospitals in 30 states to use Project RED tools to improve their discharge processes.


Glacial Ridge Hospital | Glenwood, MN

Glacial Ridge Hospital saw its readmission rate for pneumonia go from 4% to 0%, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease go from 20% to 14%.

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John Dingell VA Medical Center | Detroit, MI

John Dingell VA Medical Center exceeded its goal to reduce readmission and length of stay for substance abuse and psychosis patients by at least 15%.

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Labette Health| Parsons, KS

Labette Health saw its first and second quarter 2011 overall heart failure core measures go from 27% and 36% to 70% and 63% for the third and fourth quarters 2011. It also saw corresponding significant improvement on multiple inpatient tracking measures from HCAHPS.

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Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital | Lake Forest, IL

Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital reduced its readmission rate from a high of 38% to under 10% while improving collaboration across disciplines and engaging staff in preparing patients for discharge.

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New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation | New York, NY

New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation successfully engaged its 11 member hospitals in a system-wide implementation of Project RED.  Between August 2011 and August 2012, six of 11 hospitals saw an average improvement in CHF readmissions of 5.9%.

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Shawnee Mission Medical Center | Shawnee Mission, KS

Shawnee Mission Medical Center reduced its average overall readmission rate in 2011 from 32.4% for non-transition coach assisted patients to 12.2% for transition coach assisted patients. Since that time, the rate has continued to drop, falling below 9% for the first quarter of 2012.

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Temple University Hospital| Philadelphia, PA

Temple University Hospital (TUH) cut its heart failure (HF) readmission rate to 12.8% compared to an overall hospital HF rate of 23.8%. TUH tracks patients for 30 days post discharge, so its data includes readmissions to other hospitals during that 30-day period.

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St. Joseph Medical Center | Kansas City, MO

St. Joseph Medical Center saw its heart failure readmission rate go from 19% to 0% during an eight-week pilot, and have since seen it stabilize at 7.62%, well below its target of 10%.

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