Once you have received notification that you have passed the exam, you are a Certified Joint Commission Professional (CJCP®). We encourage you to use CJCP after your name to distinguish yourself among your peers and showcase your achievement. CJCP is a well-recognized credential in the health care workforce. As our certification program continues to grow, we are certain that people familiar with The Joint Commission®, Joint Commission Resources, and our standards for health care and patient safety will soon universally know what CJCP means.

Yes, once we receive formal acknowledgment that you have successfully passed the certification exam, you will receive a formal certificate acknowledging your success! It's a great idea to frame this certificate and display it within your work setting to showcase your accomplishments.

Recertification for CJCP is required every three years. A certification term starts on the date the person successfully passed the exam, and ends three years from that date. Once a professional is certified, the recertification requirement is 30 CJCP credit hours during their certification term, or they may opt to re-take the CJCP exam to recertify. Please refer to the CJCP section for the most current information about recertification requirements and CJCP credit hours towards recertification. The fee for recertification is $350.

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With approval from all who have earned the CJCP certification, we have posted their names on JCR's website. After each testing month, we continue to list those who have earned the certification in alphabetical order. The same holds true for the listing of individuals who have recertified and maintained their CJCP status.

Applications are available online. All applications are submitted electronically.

The application for CJCP is $375. This fee covers your application and verification process, as well as your sitting fee to take the formal exam. Additional fees will not apply until recertification in three years.

We recommend contacting your human resources department to determine if your organization has a tuition reimbursement policy that could apply to your application fee as well as to any required continuing education.

Immediately. Administrators at the test-site locations will be able to provide you with your test results within 15 minutes of completion of the exam.

If you do not pass the exam, there are no restrictions on how many additional times you can sit for the exam. However, you will be charged an additional fee for each re-take.

Yes, CE hours obtained during the Hospital Executive Briefings programs do count towards the CJCP recertification requirement. However, the hours must be obtained during your three year certification time frame. A listing of all approved programs offering CJCP credits is provided on the CJCP page. This listing will be updated as appropriate and is subject to change.

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Please email the below mailbox for additional questions.

JCR continues to receive many inquires as to CJCP certification for other disciplines, including international. We have conducted and will continue to research and consider expanding to our international candidates. If further information is available, we will post information to our website as well as market this great opportunity.

CJCP was launched in the Fall of 2012 specifically for those working in a hospital/hospital system. For other disciplines (ambulatory, home care, long term care, behavioral health care, etc.) CJCP has been researched but the need was not strong enough to warrant implementation. We do however continue to collect interest from the needs of our potential candidates.

Yes, CJCP is the ONLY formal certification developed and endorsed by JCR and The Joint Commission. Much like the accreditation designation for organizations, CJCP will be the gold standard in the industry, recognizing individuals with professional knowledge and expertise as an accreditation professional.

No, CJCP is not a requirement set by The Joint Commission. Whether or not an organization will make this a requirement moving forward will be at their own discretion.

Please check the CJCP section for the recommended ways to prepare for CJCP, along with education opportunities that consist of potential live event(s), online education modules, and a self-paced publication with practice test questions. It is important to note that while these options are available to assist candidates, they are not required for the exam.

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The CJCP certification will provide you with personal and professional growth through potential career advancement, organizational support, and professional recognition and achievement. In addition, CJCP will provide you with networking opportunities and a further sense of commitment to and knowledge of The Joint Commission standards and survey process.

CJCP is the only certification program recognized by JCR and The Joint Commission. While other programs offer certification, CJCP is the only product specifically designed by Joint Commission staff, those with expert knowledge on Joint Commission accreditation and compliance standards and survey process issues. CJCP also sets the bar for eligibility requirements and recertification: many competitors do not. Comparatively speaking, your peers and employers as well as other professionals will recognize CJCP as the gold standard of certification programs.

If you do not meet the requirements and would like your application to be considered, we request that you submit a written appeal to us. Applicants will be reviewed individually for special circumstances. For questions about the appeals process, please email any inquiries to the below mailbox.

Click on the link below to discover the benefits of certification, the eligibility requirements, where to locate exam prep, how to apply and other pertinent information to assist you on your CJCP journey!

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The first CJCP certification exam we have developed is based on Joint Commission standards for domestic U.S. hospitals, which differ from International standards, so the exam is not designed for International health care professionals. As previously mentioned, JCR is examining expansion of CJCP and should further information be available for international candidates, we will post information to our website as well as market this great opportunity.