Message from our CEO

Health care isn’t going to stop changing, get less expensive, or become any simpler. Value-based payment models are impacting revenue. Staying on top of the ever-changing regulatory environment is a challenge. Business growth, while often considered a positive change, can result in dissimilar processes and protocols that can threaten the effective delivery of health care.

At Joint Commission Resources (JCR), we are privileged to work with leaders and front-line employees throughout the U.S. and around the world to help them achieve accreditation and certification readiness and improve patient safety and quality of care through evidence-based solutions. When you work with JCR, you have access to deep industry knowledge and functional process expertise. These essential tools will help you effectively meet a growing demand for your services, while containing cost pressures that might threaten your organization’s mission and continued success.

Standardizing processes throughout your facilities will help improve your operational efficiency. Delivering higher levels of service will help you sustain reimbursements and revenues. Reducing your exposure to risk and enhancing your clinical, financial, and operational performance will help improve patient safety and care. JCR can help you accomplish these goals.

We at JCR are here to help your organization do more with less, in a dynamic, complicated industry. We want you to focus on performance improvement and patient safety while we focus on bringing you sustainable, actionable solutions. JCR looks forward to working with you to make patients, staff, and communities safer.