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CJCP® Passing Point Study Results

As announced, JCR recently participated in and completed a passing point study to determine the appropriateness of our passing score requirements. The methodology used to set the initial minimum passing score is the Angoff method in which psychometric experts judge the passing probability of each question on the CJCP examination. 
JCR worked with a team of subject matter experts, Joint Commission surveyors, and Joint Commission consultants on this project, which was led by the psychometric experts at PSI/AMP, the vendor that works with JCR on the CJCP application, CJCP recertification applications, registration, and examination processes.
CJCP candidates who take the examination in January of each year are part of the passing point study, and we thank them for their patience in obtaining their final score reports. We congratulate and welcome those who passed the examination into our CJCP cadre.
As a result of this study, the passing score needed on the 2017 CJCP exam is 78% (117 questions scored correctly out of 150); or 79.3% (119 questions scored correctly out of 150).  The passing scores are different dependent on which exam is randomly distributed for each candidate.
It is important to note that while this passing rate is established for each year now for 2017, it may be changed for the 2018 CJCP candidates.