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CJCP® Recertification

CJCP certification will expire after a three year period. The three year period is unique to each individual's testing date. All candidates are encouraged to recertify to maintain their privileges and recognition with JCR.

Applicant Recertification Eligibility Requirements

Recertification Eligibility Requirements for potential candidates include:

  • Currently JCR Certified as a CJCP professional
  • Submission of recertification application within 60 days completion of the three year accreditation period. If an applicant has a lapse in certification by more than 60 days, they must begin the certification process from the beginning.
  • Applicant must have 30 hours of continuing education within the 3 year period. The total 30 hours could be from JCR education activities* and could consist of live education or face-to-face learning, custom education, web-based training, or audio-conferences.
  • At a minimum, a CJCP must obtain 20 hours of continuing education within a 3 year period from JCR education activities. Up to 10 hours of non-JCR education activities will be allowed, as long as those activities are previously approved by JCR and awarded CJCP credits. Please review the link below for the full listing of approved programs.
  • Although it is not required, CJCP’s are encouraged to take 10 CE hours per year rather than taking all 30 CEs in one year. This is recommended to maintain current knowledge/skills.
  • If a CJCP does not have at least 30 CJCP credit hours at the end of their 3-year CJCP certification period, he/she loses certification until he/she attains at least 10 JCR CJCP credit hours and successfully passes the CJCP recertification exam in the same 12-month period.

Download the Recertification Brochure (PDF)

Download the recertification step-by-step instructions (PDF)

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CJCP Credit Hours: Opportunities Towards Recertification

Please review the listing of JCR education opportunities available for CJCPs and others considering CJCP certification. This document will be updated periodically. Please check the website frequently to ensure you have the most current document.

'CJCP 2017 Credit Programs' (PDF)
Updated October 10, 2017

'CJCP 2016 Credit Programs' (PDF)

'CJCP 2015 Credit Programs' (PDF)

'CJCP 2014 Credit Programs' (PDF)

Recertification Fee: $350

Application Requirements:

  • Meeting application due dates
  • Applications include:
    • Completion of formal reapplication (available in electronic and paper form)
    • Application will include means for the candidate to provide a listing of events towards earning CJCP credit hours
    • Submission of reapplication fee ($350)
    • Agreement to be available if selected, for a random scheduled interview (conducted by a JCR staff member, and/or team member)
    • Agreement to be randomly audited including a review of programs completed for CJCP credit hours.  This may include validating proof of participation including a certificate of attendance for example, for JCR and/or non-JCR events.