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Environment of Care Risk Assessment, 3rd Edition
U.S. Standards

Environment of Care Risk Assessment, 3rd Edition

March 2018. 254 pages.

4 stars from Doody’s Review Service

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Product Description

Product Description

Risk is an inevitable part life. Maintaining the safety and security of your health care organization’s environment of care (EC) requires on-going due diligence—typically in the form of risk assessments. Including a wide variety of staff in these assessments helps to make certain the numerous facets of the environment have been considered. Assessing EC risks in your organization is critical to ensuring the safest environment for anyone within your organization’s facilities by:
  • Determining what potential actions or situations could result in negative consequences
  • Evaluating the scope of the identified risks
  • Concluding whether the identified risks are acceptable or deciding safeguards should be installed to minimize and/or avoid the risk all together
This revised third edition of Environment of Care® Risk Assessment introduces and discusses the various EC risk areas, as well as several risk-assessment processes. Your health care organization may use this book in the development, implementation, and/or maintenance of its comprehensive, multidisciplinary EC risk-assessment and reduction program. In addition, the text has been fully updated to reflect the adoption of the 2012 Life Safety Code® and includes a breakdown of Joint Commission survey-related processes to help you maintain survey readiness.
This spiral-bound edition allows you the flexibility to take this book along as you walk through your facility assessing potential risk points, using it as a staff education tool or as an assessment tool. The included flash drive allows you to customize the tools shown in the book, which can then be used during environmental tours or mock tracers, or distributed throughout your organization to bolster the risk-assessment and reduction program.
Key Topics:
  • Risks inherent to each area of the environment of care, including safety, hazardous materials and waste, security, fire and life safety, medical equipment, utilities, emergency management, and construction
  • Changes related to the adoption of the 2012 Life Safety Code
  • Information about the SAFERTM Matrix and its role in risk assessment 
  • The Statement of Conditions, which is now applicable to all areas of the environment of care not just fire and life safety
  • Best practices for maintaining a safe environment
Key Features:
  • More than 40 customizable tools, including checklists and worksheets (included on a flash drive for print version or linked in the e-book)
  • Real-world, risk-assessment scenarios in a variety of health care settings
  • Fresh, eye-catching infographics that visualize key ideas and facilitate understanding of core concepts 
  • Glossary of terms new to this edition
Standards: EC, EM, LS
Setting: Applicable to all health care setting that manage environment of care
Audience: This book is meant for any staff who participates in the multidisciplinary EC risk assessment activities, including, but not limited to, safety officers, facilities managers, risk managers, security managers, emergency management leaders, clinical engineers, nurses, pharmacists, infection control personnel, and organization leaders
Table of Contents

Table of Contents


About EC Risk Assessment
About This Edition

Chapter 1: Risk-Assessment Basics

Why Assess Risks?
Which Joint Commission Requirements Apply?
When Should Risk Assessment Occur?
What Types of EC Risk Assessments Are Required?
Where Are the Risks?            
Who Identifies the Issues Needing a Risk Assessment? 
How Can an Organization Conduct a Risk Assessment? 
Risk-Assessment Toolbox                                             
Risk Assessment in the Field: Storage of Endoscope Supplies                                     

Chapter 2: Joint Commission Tools for Risk Assessment 

Intracycle Monitoring
The SAFER™ Matrix
The Statement of Conditions™
Risk-Assessment Toolbox

Chapter 3: Safety

Overview of Assessing Risks
Environmental Tours
Worker Safety Risk Assessment
The Job Hazard Analysis
Special Risk Considerations
Risk-Assessment Toolbox
Risk Assessment in the Field: Assessing Risk in Satellite Behavioral Health Care Facilities

Chapter 4: Hazardous Materials and Waste

Overview of Assessing Risks
Inventory Management
Special Risk Considerations
Risk-Assessment Toolbox

Chapter 5: Security

Overview of Assessing Risks
Identifying Risks
Common Security Risks in Health Care Settings
Technology and Data Security                     
Risk-Assessment Toolbox
Risk Assessment in the Field: Assessing Risk of Shooting

Chapter 6: Fire Safety and Life Safety

Fire Safety and Life Safety
Overview of Assessing Risks
Interim Life Safety Measures
The Human Factor
Risk-Assessment Toolbox
Risk Assessment in the Field: Assessing Risk of Corridor Clutter

Chapter 7: Medical Equipment

Overview of Assessing Risks
Equipment Selection
The Medical Equipment Management Program
Maintenance Strategies
Special Considerations
Risk-Assessment Toolbox

Chapter 8: Utilities

Overview of Assessing Risks                                                                                               
Creating a Risk-Based Inventory                                                                                  
Maintenance Strategies                                                                                                       
Possible Utility Failures                                                                                                         
Special Considerations                                                                                        
Risk-Assessment Toolbox                                                                                                      
Risk Assessment in the Field: Proper Documentation of Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance of Emergency Power Supply Systems

Chapter 9: Emergency Management

Overview of Assessing Risks
Hazard Vulnerability Analysis
Emergency Operations Plan
Changes to Emergency Management in Health Care Facilities 197
Emergency Response Exercises
To Sum Up
Risk-Assessment Toolbox

Chapter 10: Construction

Overview of Assessing Risks
The Infection Control Risk Assessment
Implementing the PCRA
Interim Life Safety Measures
Other PCRA Issues
Documenting the Process
Risk-Assessment Toolbox



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