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Why Work With Us

Our ability to identify the right issues and ask the right questions means that we deliver more timely and actionable insights for system leaders. After all, accreditation prep is just a small part of what we do. Our advisors are seasoned experts with a wealth of experience and proficiency in several niche specialties including Environment of Care®, infection prevention and control, and medication safety, among others. In addition, JCR offers a large, expanding network of capabilities — from advisory services to educational resources to software. We can be a single source of assistance in helping health care delivery systems raise the bar when it comes to patient safety and quality.

We do this by:

  • Bringing unparalleled experience that comes from working with more than half of our nation’s hospitals.
  • Leveraging a wealth of data and best practices which results in a unique perspective that is unmatched in the health care industry.
  • Creating innovative products that enable our clients to make better and more informed decisions within and across their system, like Illuminate Analytics™.
  • Collaborating on expertise from a team of advisors with distinct experience and proficiency in several niche specialties to meet the unique needs of systems.

When you work with us, you are teamed up with a convenient, single point of contact. Your dedicated Regional Client Relations Manager is an experienced clinician who will work with you to assess your system needs and assist with the right JCR solutions.

Implement Strategic Standardization

The delivery of health care is undergoing changes that are nearly as profound as the Industrial Revolution. These changes are driven by the need to deliver more efficient and effective health care, but growth through partnerships, acquisitions or mergers — or even through simple organic business growth — can present huge challenges as business and care processes and protocols are being integrated.

Meeting the many needs across your organization’s diverse situations and settings — while building a single, accountable entity — is quite a balancing act. At the same time “standardization” should not mean a mindless sameness that is developed with no regard to the uniqueness of some situations, services or settings.

Drive Continuous Readiness

The pervasive nature of health care regulation arises from fundamental concerns about patient safety, health and life. The regulations that guide the industry are in a constant state of evolution, and the body of policies and protocols is growing at what seems like an exponential rate. But even in the face of ever-increasing regulations, your organization must balance optimal financial performance while providing exceptional patient care.

Staff can implement quality and safety changes thinking they are compliant, but after a survey, you might come to find you have fallen short. It’s hard to know what the correct protocols and standardized processes are that will protect your patients and organization from risk. We can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Maximize Safety & Reimbursement

Value-based pay for performance is a reality in health care. Pay-for-performance programs offer organizations financial incentives to carry out specific, measurable improvements over time and to achieve optimal outcomes for your patients. Miss those improvement goals and your financial incentives, in the form of reimbursements or other types of bundled payments, are reduced. Worse, pay-for-performance programs may also impose financial penalties if you fail to achieve specified goals or cost savings. We help organizations reduce harm, keep patients safe, and position themselves to maximize reimbursements.

Illuminate Analytics

Access to performance data is a key component of improving care delivery, increasing operational efficiencies and reducing harm within your health care system. However, access to real-time data is often limited and fragmented, housed across multiple platforms requiring hours of manual manipulation by staff to determine meaningful trends or priority focus areas — time that could be better spent elsewhere. To create efficient, high-impact change today’s system leaders need a cohesive picture of actionable data points to drive decision making.

Illuminate Analytics is the only tool in the market today that efficiently integrate actionable performance data in one convenient place. It includes:

  • Multiple performance data sources — self-assessment data from Tracers with AMP® and findings from mock surveys conducted by JCR advisors and Joint Commission request for improvement and SAFER™ data.*
  • Ability to compare your performance to national Joint Commission SAFER distribution.
  • Visualizations with filtering options and drill downs.
  • Seamless, daily data pulls.
  • Optional expert guidance and support.

*The various data points are pulled in by Joint Commission Resources with proper authorization from the HCO. No data is ever provided directly by The Joint Commission at any stage.


*The use of Joint Commission Resources consultative technical or advisory services is not necessary to obtain Joint Commission accreditation or certification, nor does it influence the granting of such recognition.