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How It Works

Illuminate Analytics provides integrated, actionable data in a real-time, easy-to-digest format and its purpose extends far beyond data transparency.

It can help system leaders assess performance through visualizing and analyzing data from multiple sources in a single location and draw critical connections across the data sets to proactively pinpoint themes and trends. This provides the necessary foundation to empower organizations to make more informed decisions regarding accreditation compliance, quality improvement, and patient safety.

Illuminate Analytics is the only tool in the market today that efficiently integrates actionable performance data in one convenient place. It includes:

  • Multiple performance data sources — self assessment data from Tracers with AMP®, findings from Mock Surveys conducted by JCR advisors and Joint Commission request for improvement and SAFER® data.*
  • Ability to compare your performance to national Joint Commission SAFER distribution.
  • Visualizations with filtering options and drill downs.
  • Seamless, daily data pulls.
  • Optional expert guidance and support.

With JCR’s comprehensive portfolio of services we are uniquely positioned to also help your team optimize what they are learning from the dashboard and apply it to a custom performance improvement roadmap for your own organization. 

What it Enables System Leaders to Do:

  • Compare your system’s SAFER distribution to the National SAFER distribution, filtered by a particular hospital, chapter, or data source.
  • Display each hospital in the system side-by-side for comparison within the SAFER matrix values.
  • Aggregate and display data at a chapter level and filtered by a particular hospital.
  • Provide a visual display with various sources of data by geographic location. Display the distribution of findings by each hospital and further filter by chapter (e.g., distribution of EC findings across hospitals), or by data source.

*The various data points are pulled in by Joint Commission Resources with proper authorization from the HCO. No data is ever provided directly by The Joint Commission at any stage.


*The use of Joint Commission Resources consultative technical or advisory services is not necessary to obtain Joint Commission accreditation or certification, nor does it influence the granting of such recognition.