After-Action Reporting

Health care facilities routinely test, analyze, and evaluate emergency management exercises, real-world emergency response, and recovery actions. JCR can assist your organization by helping you evaluate your emergency response and recovery efforts related to Joint Commission Emergency Management standards and CMS CoPs, but more importantly to help your organization support its community, patients, and staff during another pandemic or emergency.

Our multi-disciplinary group of experts, which is made up of engineers, physicians, infection preventionists, nurses, and former CMS surveyors, are uniquely positioned to help you prepare for the next activation of your Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). Our approach partners Environment of Care® experts with clinical experts to work with an organization to facilitate an after-action review. During the facilitation, our team, who can complement each role in your incident command center, will help you understand terminology, bridge knowledge gaps, and use a collaborative approach to help bring roles and viewpoints across the organization together. As a result, this review will help your organization understand what was done well to maintain and build upon those strengths, identify what needs to be improved, create an after-action plan, and track recovery tactics and beyond.

Emergency Preparedness Going Forward

If changes were made to your EOP based on your after-action reporting, you are required to simulate an emergency incident and test the changes for effectiveness. We can help your organization test these changes by developing exercise scenarios, moderating the exercise, and conducting a review to help you understand what areas can be improved. Testing these changes and incorporating lessons learned is essential to making sure you improve performance and capabilities for a future COVID-19 resurgence.

Custom Education

Our team of experts can provide education on areas that your organization found challenging during the pandemic, response, and recovery operations. You select the topic and delivery channel, and we deliver the specialized content to your group. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Training new staff in the incident command role.
  • How to structure a seamless incident command center.
  • Strategies for developing a successful EOP.
  • Gap analysis between written EOP and its implementation.
  • Best practices from the field.

CMS/Medicare COVID-19 Survey Activity Support

With CMS ramping up survey activities due to COVID-19, our JCR CMS experts, who are former federal/state surveyors, can help you prepare for a Medicare survey. If your organization needs to develop a Plan of Correction or you find yourself in Immediate Jeopardy, our experts can work with you quickly to help you get your organization back on track with compliance. We understand the urgency in situations like this so our team is equipped to rapidly respond and assist your team through its Medicare challenges.

*The use of Joint Commission Resources (JCR) advisory services is not necessary to obtain a Joint Commission Accreditation award, nor does it influence the granting of such awards.