The CJCP recertification process has changed. This will stay in effect until the end of the year. If you are interested in renewing your certification, we ask that you call 877.223.6866, select option 1, and a Customer Service representative will assist you. The new recertification fee for 2020 will be $250.

The exact question you will be asked is:

“Have you met the requirement of 30 CE credit hours, of which at least 20 credit hours are from Joint Commission Resource events or conferences?”

Effective Date January 1, 2020

Recertification eligibility requirements for potential candidates include:

  1. Currently certified as a CJCP.
  2. Submission of recertification application and payment of recertification fee either 60 days prior to or within 60 days’ completion of the three-year certification period. If an applicant does not recertify by their expiration date of certification, he or she must start the certification process from the beginning.
  3. 30 hours of CJCP credit hours toward recertification within the three-year period. Please note: At least a minimal of 20 CJCP credit hours must be obtained from JCR events only. Options to meet CJCP recertification eligibility include:
    • JCR — 20 CJCP credit hours must be obtained from JCR educational offerings such as face-to-face learning events, custom education programs, web-based training, and so forth.
    • Combination of JCR events, along with TJC Education and/or non-JCR events — The remaining 10 CJCP credit hours may be obtained from Joint Commission Education events and/or non-JCR events, provided that the content of the education meets the goals of CJCP certification and supports the ongoing education of an accreditation manager. Topics include, but are not limited to: leadership, communication, patient safety, Joint Commission survey process, Joint Commission standards, National Patient Safety Goals®, etc.

Although it is not required, CJCPs are encouraged to acquire 10 CJCP credit hours per year rather than acquiring all 30 in one year. This is recommended to maintain current knowledge/skills.

  • Unable to obtain a total of 30 CJCP credit hours at time of CJCP recertification — If a CJCP does not have a total of 30 CJCP credit hours at the end of his or her three-year certification term, he or she loses CJCP certification and will need to restart the certification process, including re-taking the CJCP exam.

Applicant Recertification Eligibility Requirements

  • Meeting recertification application due dates
  • Applications include:
    • Completion of electronic reapplication form
      • Includes a list of education programs and other credits attended by the applicant and an attestation of participation in those programs
    • Payment of non-refundable application fee

During 2020, for your convenience, we will be providing an email with the recertification process outlined.

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