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Health care is changing. So are you. Always be ready.



Find and build best practices. Choose where to use them in your system.



Reduce risk. Maximize reimbursement. Help patients get healthy.


Overview- Meeting the many needs across your organization’s diverse situations and settings—while building a single, accountable entity—is quite a balancing act. Joint Commission Resources can help by identifying the best practices to institute system-wide, as well as those to keep unique. This strategic approach helps create new efficiencies and consistencies that help ensure every patient—at any time, in any facility—receives the same high level of care.


Overview- You work every day to help your patients and your organization get better. Joint Commission Resources shares your purpose and passion. And with direct access to Joint Commission experts, we can help you raise the quality and safety bar—reducing risk for your patients and maximizing reimbursements for your organization—at every point on the continuum of care.

We are very pleased to introduce our new resource and information gallery, designed to help you on your path to delivering the highest level of quality and patient care. Content is organized to address some of your most pressing issues – being continually ready, knowing how to standardize processes and which ones make sense to standardize, and maximizing reimbursements by optimizing performance.
We hope you will find this to be a valuable resource. Be sure to bookmark and visit frequently, as we will be adding new content regularly.