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The Certified Joint Commission Professional (CJCP) program recognizes accreditation professionals for their expertise in accreditation preparation and readiness as well as their leadership in driving patient safety and quality improvement. Many individuals have passed a rigorous exam and participate in various continuing education events to maintain their certification as CJCPs. Joint Commission Resources (JCR) announced in April of 2021 that it discontinued new applications for its CJCP program. JCR’s decision was based on new educational priorities arising from the pandemic that has so significantly affected the health care industry. This change will allow JCR to pivot and focus on new initiatives and educational needs.

What does this mean for you as a CJCP?

Those individuals currently holding the CJCP credential will retain that designation in perpetuity, without having to recertify or pay any fees. The designation of “CJCP” remains a visible and valued sign of achievement in the field. There is nothing you need to do, other than to continue to proudly display your CJCP credential, now a lifetime designation.

JCR also encourages all CJCPs, as well as all individuals involved in accreditation preparation and readiness who have not earned their CJCP, to continue their professional development and education. JCR will continue to support you by offering its authoritative and highly valued education and other resources to assist you in improving quality and safety in your health care organizations. Please visit our webstore to review JCR's educational offerings and publications products.

Helping healthcare professionals to become experienced and competent in managing healthcare accreditation is a mission and passion of our organization. We have several education and publication products that are designed to help professionals who are new to this industry: