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Tracers with AMP Analytics Reporting Tool is Now Available

Thursday, August 22 2019

Tracers with AMP® is a cloud-based software platform, developed by JCR Clinical Advisors, that helps organizations assess quality of care, levels of compliance, and identify areas of vulnerability in their organization. This tool also gives organizations the ability to analyze performance across a health system, compare departments, and spot gaps in areas where more training and process improvement is needed or required.

This tool is now even more powerful with a new analytics reporting tool that will give users the ability to assess data from multiple sources, including Accreditation Manager Plus, self-collected tracer data, Requirements for Improvement (RFIs) data from Joint Commission surveys, and findings from the Tracers with AMP mock survey add-on module, to view data at a glance and quickly identify key performance indicators. This new enhancement will give users the ability to better analyze and view the data they collect to help prioritize improvement projects, identify risks, and implement solutions. It will also allow users to proactively manage risk by setting alerts to notify them if a quality area (such as an Element of Performance) goes below a certain threshold.

This new reporting tool comes at no extra cost and is included in the license fee for Tracers with AMP. To learn more, register for an upcoming demo.

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Below is a preview of the dashboards available with this new feature. Users can drill down into specific data points in the report to gather additional information. Reports can also be downloaded as a PDF or CSV file.

Compliance Dashboard

The SAFER™ Matrix and Findings dashboard provides information such as findings by standard, site, and score type.

eProducts Info and Usage Dashboards

The Product Utilization Summary and User Access & Site Security dashboards provide utilization information for Tracers with AMP including actions taken by month, role, and site, as well as user access by role and site.

Tracers Dashboards

The JCR Tracers and Tracer by Question dashboards provide detailed information on tracer compliance including monthly and quarterly compliance, overall tracer compliance, and compliance by site.