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Learning Made Convenient & Accessible

Achieve your organization’s educational needs through the Digital Learning Center (DLC). The DLC is an easy-to-use, virtual-learning service. It provides one-stop access to JCR’s online education and publication catalog.

The Importance of Continuing Your Education

JCR has all your learning needs covered to maintain accreditation and keep you prepared for your next survey. You and your staff can stay compliant all year, while earning continuing education credits.

The DLC offers:


Substantial savings versus purchasing resources individually.


Learn from content regularly updated by Joint Commission subject matter experts.

Continuing Education Credits

Earn continuing education credits upon completion of sessions.

New Content

Receive monthly alerts when new and updated programs are available.

How It Works

The DLC is provided to health care organizations with a paid annual subscription. This premium subscription provides unlimited access for all your staff to our catalog of education and publication resources. Learn from Joint Commission experts, access the newest content and educate your teams in the most convenient way.

To purchase the DLC, see what’s included, or view a list of FAQs, visit our product page.