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Continuing education is important for all positions across health systems—especially when it comes to maintaining accreditation and preparing for your next survey. But picking and choosing the best resources takes time. So, why not make it easy?

At Joint Commission Resources (JCR), our Digital Learning Center (DLC) lets you expand your learning capabilities without expanding your budget. It’s your one stop for JCR continuing education materials and publications.

Why Use the Digital Learning Center

The DLC is an online virtual-learning service that JCR provides to health care organizations with a paid annual subscription. What makes it so great?
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Cost Savings

With shareable, unlimited resources and on-demand content, the DLC is a cost-effective way for organizations to learn and train staff.
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Content for All Health Settings

DLC content is for all accredited health care settings at all levels of experience—our most popular topics covered range from—environment of care, emergency management and infection prevention and control.
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Unlimited Access

The DLC stores all content and learning you need on Joint Commission accreditation, certification, quality and patient safety in one place. So, you have unlimited access. And unlimited possibilities.
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Continuing Education Credits

All DLC webinars and videos offer Continuing Education (CE) credits, meaning your staff can stay compliant all year while learning at their own pace and earning credit.
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Reliable, Current Information

Joint Commission subject matter experts regularly update all DLC content, so you can trust that it refers to the most recent best practices and standards.
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An Easy-to-use Platform

Our optimized course catalog is easy to navigate and makes learning versatile. It has education that fits any learning style.

What’s Included

With a DLC subscription, you and your staff have access to JCR’s popular, comprehensive collection of content, which includes:

  • e-books and newsletters, such as EC News and The Source
  • Exclusive content bundles on hot topics, such as environment of care, life safety, and infection prevention and control
  • Information about the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and its connection to Joint Commission accreditation
  • Multimedia, featuring webinar series, videos and select virtual conference recordings
  • Sample policy and procedures templates from PolicySource

What Others Say

Hear from other DLC subscribers:

New and Improved DLC Upgrades

You spoke, and we listened. Based on user feedback, we have a new and improved searchability upgrade guaranteed to make published content within the Resource Center easier to find. Enhancements include:

  • A more modern interface with better filter options
  • Full-text search of all publications
  • Annotation tools, such as user notes, highlights and bookmarks
  • An easy way to mark and view favorites in one place
  • More viewing options for all devices