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,,Today's industry suppliers are choosing to work with JCR to create compelling education on up-to-date safety practices that help their customers improve care and reduce risk.,,

Kristine Slepicka - Executive Director, U.S. and CSR Consulting Services - JCR

Collaborate with Us

Joint Commission Resources (JCR) is a global, knowledge-based organization that provides innovative solutions to health care organizations across all settings. As one of the world’s leading authorities in patient safety and performance improvement, we are uniquely positioned to collaborate with businesses like yours.

As you know, your health care customers are constantly challenged to raise the level of quality care and patient satisfaction, while also facing daunting cost pressures and decreasing resources. Together we can work with you to provide insights to your employees that will help them better understand what their customers face daily so that they can best support them and their needs.

Custom Education that Supports Your Business Goals

JCR’s team of experts can develop education and training geared to a value-based environment. We can customize content to specific topics — examples include understanding the health care environment as it pertains to safety and understanding the fundamentals of Joint Commission requirements — so best-practice education can be delivered to your staff.

Each Industry Services engagement is unique and customized to the needs and situation of the customer. This fresh approach to education demonstrates that you are aligned to your customer’s mission to improve the health of the patients and communities they serve.

*The use of Joint Commission Resources consultative technical or advisory services is not necessary to obtain a Joint Commission Accreditation award, nor does it influence the granting of such awards.