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Support Every Step of The Way

Assessing how your organization is performing on the road to high reliability is an important step to help create a robust, prioritized action plan. Our team will:

  • Facilitation of leadership discussions
  • Interviews with key leaders
  • Analyze and summarize results
  • Guided prioritization of findings
  • Building a high reliability action plan

Tailored Programs

To discover where you are on your journey to high reliability, we offer unique, tailored programs to help.

Organizational leadership needs to level set on their current state to define the needed actions for a high reliability plan and foundational to that plan is a functional safety culture program.

Assessment and Action Plan

Discover our High Reliability Maturity Assessment – A workshop that utilizes Oro® 2.0.

Safety Culture Program

This program leverages TRIOTM – A combination of “Trust, Report, and Improve Organizations”.