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All Hazards Approach

From hurricanes … to transportation accidents … to terrorist acts and pandemics, the range of possible emergency situations means that organizations should take an “all-hazards” approach to emergency management planning. Regardless of the event, the overall impact of such emergencies may be reduced ahead of time – if preparation is comprehensive and organizational focus is one of continuous evaluation and improvement. Our multidisciplinary group of experts, made up of engineers, physicians, infection preventionists and nurses, can assist your organization at any phase of your emergency management plan.

4 Phases graphicOur programs compliment FEMA’s four-phased Emergency Management Framework.

Comprehensive Services

Our experts can help your organization as it develops practical and actionable operations and policies for emergencies while maintaining continuous compliance with Joint Commission standards and CMS CoPs. We can help you during any phase of your emergency management program, including recovery efforts, after action report, and EOP updates and testing.

We can assist your organization as it creates a COOP to ensure you can continue to perform essential daily functions during natural, human-caused, technological threats and national security emergencies. COOPs address key areas such as orders of succession, delegations of authority, continuity facilities, continuity communications and essential records management.

We can help you identify limiting factors in your current program to help ensure success of future deployment during an emergency. Program analysis evaluates compliance and conducts an assessment to identify gaps.

We can help you facilitate a HVA, an assessment that focuses on risks for any type of hazard and identifies the potential effects these hazards could have on an organization’s operations and services. We can guide you through the process of creating the HVA or reviewing and analyzing a completed HVA and provide recommendations on gaps identified.

We can help evaluate your current training program, review the most recent exercises and drills and evaluate your after action reports, improvement plans, and the annual evaluation of your emergency management program.

Focused Services

We can provide hands-on facilitation that focuses on specific components within an emergency management program. We also help create the required written documentation.

We can provide a customized training workshop with hands on activities.

We can help create, facilitate, observe, evaluate functional drills and write after action report and improvements plans. Tabletop exercises and workshops can be facilitated by JCR experts which meets the requirements of an optional exercise (2nd required exercise per year).

We can help your organization address challenges related to operating room fire response, including providing an evaluation of your current surgery department fire response plan and reviewing past fire exit drill evaluations. We can also create, facilitate, evaluate and education a fire exit drill.

We can help mentor new emergency managers as well as bridge the gap when a position is vacant until someone new is hired. During this time, we can help create or update emergency operations plans or continuity of operations plans.

Our team of experts can deliver specialized content in a variety of areas to staff and leadership. Topic examples include how to conduct an HVA, strategies for developing/evaluating EOP and COOPs, how to create/conduct and evaluate EM exercises, and how to complete an AAR and improvement plan.

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Helps organizations understand the Joint Commission Emergency Management standards and how to plan for and address a range of emergencies.

*The use of Joint Commission Resources consultative technical or advisory services is not necessary to obtain a Joint Commission Accreditation award, nor does it influence the granting of such awards.