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,,[A CSR subscription] is money well spent. You know, we have so many challenges we face every day in the delivery of health care, and having access to that expertise is a great help. I don’t know how we would function as a system of multiple hospitals without the JCR CSR program.,,

Corporate Director of Quality & Performance Improvement, Vice President of Performance Improvement & Quality

Maintain Continuous Compliance with CSR

At a Tennessee-based health system, ongoing and robust use of our Continuous Service Readiness® (CSR®) program helps drive safe delivery of care. We spoke with the director, who oversees a systemwide (and statewide) CSR program with Joint Commission Resources (JCR). The program has been in place at all facilities for eight years and has helped their health system assess, capture and address any potential opportunities prior to their survey.*
,,The greatest advantage to using JCR Interim Services was having real-time access to industry knowledge and clarification on Joint Commission and CMS standards. The access to standardized tools and policy templates really helped our team identify issues, too.,,

Director of Regulatory Affairs & Accreditation

Expert Guidance with Interim Services

A large east coast hospital turned to JCR Accreditation Preparation Advisory Services Interim Services to help their organization address medical record system challenges and prepare for their triennial survey. The director explains how specifically the interim services helped prepare the hospital for re-accreditation after an almost two-year disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patient Safety and Quality with eProducts

Over 3,000 organizations across the continuum of care use our eProducts, and they’ve seen results — ranging from identifying performance gaps, to tracking trends and risk points, to moving beyond accreditation prep.
,,This tracer tool, along with the support of our senior leadership, helps everyone to improve and shift the conversation from ‘That’s Quality’s job!’ to ‘That’s my job!’ Together we keep the next patient safe and are ready for the next patient and not just the next survey.,,

Director, Patient Safety & Accreditation, Quality Management - MultiCare Health System

Hear about their lessons learned and see if an eProduct may be able to help your organization.

*The use of Joint Commission Resources consultative technical or advisory services is not necessary to obtain a Joint Commission Accreditation award, nor does it influence the granting of such awards.