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For health organizations, being able to identify and assess risks easily and make improvements before a critical situation arises is not only important, but vital. And yet, today’s mounting financial challenges and staff shortages force employees to do more with less, which often impacts patient safety. We’re here to help you meet these challenges head on.

Tracers with AMP enables you to efficiently collect, analyze and visualize real-time data. With user-friendly, interactive dashboards and easy-to-build automated reports, you can proactively avoid risk and focus on what matters most—the health care of your patients and safety of your staff.

Unique Features of Tracers with AMP

Tracers with AMP will transform the way you work. It boasts these unique features:
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Unique Features of Tracers with AMP

Tracers with AMP gives you a complete set of rounding tools, Joint Commission accreditation tools and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) tools — making staying in compliance easier.
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Data Combined from Multiple Sources

With Tracers with AMP, you can view and analyze data from different sources, including data collected through Tracers with AMP, findings from mock surveys, Joint Commission Requirements for Improvement (RFI), Evidence of Standard Compliance (ESC) and SAFER® Matrix data. Better data means better decisions.
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A Library of Customizable Templates

Our library offers hundreds of customizable tracer templates across the continuum of care for Joint Commission Elements of Performance (EPs) and CMS Conditions of Participation (CoPs). So, you have a head start.
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Insights Across Health Care Settings

Tracers with AMP is suitable across the continuum of care — from hospitals and assisted community living to ambulatory and disease-specific care. It gives you systemwide visibility at a high-level, as well as insights into specific departments or locations.
Take a look at the new add-on features in Tracers with AMP. Learn how you can anticipate, reduce, and report risks.

Data Integration and Support

Safe patient care depends on the right data and right decisions. With a variety of data collection and mining capabilities, Tracers with AMP breaks down data silos, empowering you to aggregate and visualize the data to support analysis and put the most impactful actions in place.

Collect the Data

Determine data to be collected through a library of customizable questions, schedule data collection frequency and use observation forms to collect data.

Understand the Data

Create custom dashboard views, analyze data with interactive dashboards and identify risk areas.

Act on the Data

Allocate available resources, set up automated notifications, and assign tasks for follow-up and action as needed.

Trend the Data

Use reports and dashboards to track trends and improvements.

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