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Do More with Less

Tracers with AMP enables you to efficiently collect, analyze and visualize real-time data. Eliminate hours of manually manipulating data by accessing user-friendly, interactive dashboards and easy-to-build automated reports that will help you proactively identify risk areas, prioritize improvements, compare key performance indicators, document changes and track progress over time.

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Integrating the Right Data to Make the Right Decisions

Safe patient care depends on the right data and right decisions. With a variety of data collection and mining capabilities, this single platform breaks down data silos and empowers you to aggregate and visualize the data to support analysis and decision-making allowing you to put the most impactful actions in place. Now this trusted platform can help you accomplish even more with the inclusion of new rounding capabilities making this your complete go-to solution.

This web and mobile platform helps your organization collect and aggregate data for:

  • Joint Commission accreditation and certification program requirements.
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Conditions of Participation (CoPs).
  • Rounding activities related to patient safety, patient care, environment of care, infection prevention, leadership and management.

Through our business intelligence solution, Illuminate Analytics™, data collected through Tracers with AMP can be seamlessly integrated with findings from mock surveys conducted by JCR consultants, your Joint Commission Requirements for Improvement (RFI), and SAFER® data — allowing you to get a complete picture of your data.

Unique Features

  • Comprehensive set of rounding tools, Joint Commission accreditation tools, and CMS tools.
  • Ability to combine data from multiple sources, including data collected through the tool, findings from mock surveys conducted by JCR consultants, Joint Commission Requirements for Improvement (RFI), and SAFER Matrix data.
  • Suitability across the continuum of care, providing systemwide visibility.
  • Access to Clinical Advisors, who are clinicians with a deep understanding of Joint Commission standards, tracer methodology, performance of mock surveys, and workflows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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