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The Importance of the Board

Both Joint Commission and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements recognize that boards, as governing bodies, ultimately are responsible for the quality and patient safety provided at their organizations. The board is responsible for: 

  • Creating a culture of quality and patient safety
  • Having a baseline understanding of quality and patient safety principles
  • Holding medical staff accountable for quality and patient safety
  • Providing resources to maintain safe, quality care, treatment and services
  • Setting priorities for performance improvement activities  
And yet, many boards aren’t consistently, effectively, or regularly educated on quality or their role as it relates to quality and patient safety. To be effective, board members must stay ahead of the curve—with the knowledge and tools to manage current and upcoming health care issues. 

That’s where we come in. Our advisory services experts can help your board focus on quality and safety with confidence.

Why Work with Us

We know that well-educated boards correlate to higher-performing health care organizations. When you work with Joint Commission Resources (JCR), you can expect:

First-hand experience

JCR experts are positioned to support boards with their experience and insight from working with hundreds of hospitals across the nation.

Dedicated support

Our experts can provide assessments specific to your governing board’s current activities, so the education and resources are customized to your needs.

Proven resources

All resources are informed by Joint Commission accreditation standards, CMS and government requirements, and best practices from leading health organizations.

Board Solutions

We offer a number of solutions that enhance the effectiveness of your board to drive improvements in quality and safety.



We know that one education program doesn’t always fit every organization’s needs. So, we customize board education resources to your board and its members. During an interactive education session, board members learn about topics relevant to their responsibilities in quality and patient safety, including:

  • Core concepts of quality and safety
  • Methods for effective meetings
  • Patient safety and sentinel event reporting to the board
  • Quality metrics and data interpretation
  • Questions to ask to uncover critical quality and patient safety issues
  • The role and expectations of the board and board quality committee
  • Ways to hold leadership accountable for positive changes and sustainability

Our experts can provide a focused assessment of your governing board’s current activities as it relates to oversight of quality and patient safety. The assessment may include:

  • Interviews or surveys with key stakeholders
  • Observations at board meetings
  • Review of board and board quality or safety committee meeting minutes
  • Review of quality and patient safety metrics and reports
  • Review of selected policies, procedures and plans

After the assessment, we’ll write a gap analysis with recommendations. That way, you know where it makes the most sense to focus your efforts. 

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Educates board members about key topics related to quality and safety and offers recommendations for effective governance.

*The use of Joint Commission Resources consultative technical or advisory services is not necessary to obtain a Joint Commission Accreditation award, nor does it influence the granting of such awards.