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How We Can Help

Like you, we believe all people deserve access to safe, quality care. While systemic inequities exist in the quality and safety of the patient care experience, we believe there is a path forward. We can help your organization as it creates a pathway to raise the bar for care delivery across the populations and communities you serve.

Joint Commission Standards

On January 1, 2023, new dedicated health care equity standards became effective and integrated into Joint Commission hospital, ambulatory and behavioral health care accreditation programs. These new standards are among the first of their kind and will help create a consistent national baseline related to the equitable delivery of health care.

The new standards include changes to leadership requirements, records requirements when collecting patient race and ethnicity information, and rights and responsibilities requirements prohibiting discrimination.

Our health care equity experts can help your organization to both meet these new standards and go beyond to raise the bar for care delivery. Discover the different approaches we can take to meet your needs.

Gap Analysis

Our health care equity experts can conduct a comprehensive gap analysis of your organization’s health equity program by looking at such things as current state, data collection processes, document creation, prioritization and communication. Afterwards, an improvement plan is provided. Focused consultations can also be done on a specific topic or KPI as identified by your health care organization, with a gap analysis and recommendations provided.

Custom Education

Let our experts create a custom education program just for your organization. Program objectives include:

  • Understand CMS and Joint Commission position on health care equity
  • Understand how Joint Commission standards will be evaluated
  • Provide insight into how to get started, identify status of current health care equity program, and determine next steps
  • Discuss the importance of collecting data to determine the impact of implemented actions/tactics and identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement
  • Establish goals, prioritize next steps, and create an improvement plan
  • Consider how organizations should educate staff and leaders, monitor outcomes, and foster a culture that embraces health care equity
  • Develop a process to ensure ongoing evaluation of the program and to keep key stakeholders informed

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This guide helps health care organizations and providers strengthen the connection between health care equity and quality health care.

*The use of Joint Commission Resources consultative technical or advisory services is not necessary to obtain a Joint Commission Accreditation award, nor does it influence the granting of such awards.