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Test Your Readiness

The thought of preparing for an accreditation survey or certification review can often be intimidating. You do your best to keep up on the latest regulatory changes, but may be unsure how well you are meeting Joint Commission expectations. We can help.

Our knowledgeable JCR team of experts understand your challenges and can prepare your team using mock surveys. We actively engage with your entire team, from environmental staff to caregivers and even your executives, to promote readiness.

Realistic On-Site Experience

Our team of skilled clinical professionals use hands-on methods similar to surveyors. We simulate what you can expect from your actual Joint Commission survey. Our experts ‘trace’ a patient’s experience to help identify compliance gaps and areas of strengths and weaknesses.

During a mock survey or certification review, our experts will:

  • Provide a realistic on-site experience in scope and breadth, which includes daily debriefs.
  • Give practical guidance on how current efforts will meet Joint Commission or CMS expectations and standards.
  • Help create actionable plans to address gaps and build upon strengths.
  • Engage staff and promote organizational buy-in for prep efforts.
  • Provide a comprehensive written report post-engagement.
  • Help your team be more aware of where your efforts stand today and how to address gaps for improvement.

Detailed Reports to Identify Next Steps

After the mock survey or review has been completed, you will receive actionable recommendations to help you prepare for your upcoming survey or review through three reports:

  • Action Plan: A comprehensive report that identifies focus areas to guide next steps. The action plan is findings-specific related to regulatory compliance. For example, if the organization does not do time outs for invasive procedures, then the action plan would be around developing and implementing a compliant time out process.
  • Executive Summary: An overview of the key strengths and challenges that can be shared with leadership.
  • SAFER® Matrix Report: A SAFER® Matrix is provided to the organization that presents each of the standards / Elements of Performance (EP) as they relate to their impact on patient safety. Strategies for compliance are discussed at the time of the mock survey.

Mock surveys performed at the health system level provide additional insights and robust data analytics including the ability to:

  • Analyze corporate summation data which detail aggregate-level system data, as well as site-level findings
  • Helps identify macro-level trends within a system, and compare individual sites to the system as a whole over time

Merger and Acquisition Risk Mitigation Support

If you have plans to acquire a new facility, JCR experts can help you with your assessment of the current operations of the facility to help you understand its strengths and vulnerabilities. This will help you uncover poor practices and guide you to bring those practices into compliance. If the facility being acquired is Joint Commission accredited, they will help you create a plan for the extension survey, which comes only 4-6 months after the purchase is finalized.

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*The use of Joint Commission Resources consultative technical or advisory services is not necessary to obtain a Joint Commission Accreditation award, nor does it influence the granting of such awards.