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JCR products and services are based on U.S. standards and regulations

CJCP® Certification

Enhance your credentials when you achieve the only certification developed and endorsed by The Joint Commission and Joint Commission Resources (JCR).

Your CJCP represents the highest level of accreditation knowledge and achievement in related patient safety and quality issues. This year, hundreds of your peers are preparing for and taking the CJCP examination. Those who pass will be CJCP certified for three years and enjoy recognition for their accomplishment.

Accelerate your Accreditation Expertise

Earn this unique credential to be recognized by your organization and colleagues.

CJCP benefits you

Your CJCP credential provides you with professional recognition and acknowledges your understanding of Joint Commission standards and the survey process. It signals your up-to-date expertise in maintaining and leading compliance in your organization and serves as a career-enhancing accomplishment.

CJCP benefits your organization

CJCP certification signifies that you have specialized knowledge and skills to help your organization achieve its quality and safety goals. You will be more prepared than ever to work with staff to achieve continuous compliance with Joint Commission standards. CJCP certification is a significant new credential that represents a powerful commitment to quality for the patients and community served by your organization.

Wear it proudly

Once you have passed the examination, you are a CJCP and can use the credential after your name to showcase your achievement.

How to prepare

During the online examination, you will be tested on:

  • The Joint Commission accreditation process
  • Joint Commission standards
  • Organizational analysis
  • Medical staff requirements
  • Environment of Care® requirements
  • Leadership skills
  • Ongoing performance improvement
  • Patient safety
  • CMS regulatory and survey process for hospitals

Apply now to take the examination at a location convenient for you.

Apply Now

CJCP is currently available only to candidates working within the United States. The exam is based on the Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals (U.S. standards).