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eProducts FAQs

Once software is purchased, all access details will be emailed to the license owner indicated during the purchase.

Please call the JCR Technical Support team at 877.223.6866 (option 2) or email the below mailbox.

No, all of the software products are web-based programs so there is not a requirement for additional IT. If you do have technical issues/questions with the software, call the JCR Technical Support team at 877.223.6866 (option 2) or email the below mailbox.

E-dition® provides online access to Joint Commission standards and elements of performance. It has the same content as the Comprehensive Standards Manual.

Check out the E-dition product page here for more details.

Purchase E-dition

Whichever Tracers with AMP accreditation program you purchase, that E-dition accreditation license is included.

ECM® Plus is only offered for the Hospital program. E-dition Hospital Program is included with the purchase of ECM Plus. However, all other Joint Commission accredited programs (Ambulatory, Home Care, Laboratory, Behavioral Health, etc.) would need to purchase E-dition for those programs if they want online access.

Yes, E-dition includes all of the content in the printed manual.

Tracers with AMP® can give you the tools you need to efficiently manage risk and help your organization stay survey-ready. This web-based software solution anticipates, reduces, and reports risk across your organization — putting you in control. You can analyze performance, compare sites and departments, and prioritize improvements with user-friendly dashboards, and easy-to-build, automated reporting. It creates transparency for you and your leaders and supports your ability to take action.

Check out our Tracers with AMP product page for more details.

Purchase Tracers with AMP

Guest access is available in E-dition and Tracers with AMP. In E-dition, the user has access to the standards manual. In Tracers with AMP, the user has the ability to add observations to a specific tracer without the program administrator needing to create a profile for the user.

Data including scoring, organization notes, plans of action, and associated documents will be migrated. Scores will be migrated for EPs that have not been identified as having been revised by The Joint Commission®. For those EPs that had a significant change the score will be reset to "Not Score", but all other information will be migrated.

Yes, demonstrations are available to preview Tracers with AMP. Click the below button to register for a demonstration of Tracers with AMP, then click the "Register for a Demonstration" tab to find available dates.

Purchase Tracers with AMP

Tracers with AMP is available for the Hospital, Ambulatory Health Care, Behavioral Health Care, Critical Access Hospital, Home Care, Laboratory, Nursing Care Center, and Office Based Surgery programs.

Yes. Disease-Specific Care and Advanced Disease-Specific Care standards and elements of performance are included with the Tracers with AMP purchase.

CMS Conditions of Participation are available for the Hospital and Critical Access Hospital programs for an additional fee. Visit the Tracers with AMP product page and select Hospital — Plus CMS or Critical Access Hospital — Plus CMS for additional details and pricing information.

Purchase Tracers with AMP

The answer is both. Tracers with AMP has many tracer templates and a vast library of questions for all organizations regardless of how robust your current tracer program is. The platform also allows you to create custom tracer templates based on tools that have already been developed by your organization.

The Tracers with AMP platform offers multiple options for reporting. There is an Analytics feature that presents Tracers with AMP data in dashboard visual form. There are also many other reports in the product including SAFER® Matrix, departmental comparison, tracer aggregate, and top priorities with custom filtering options. There are also enterprise level reports for leadership to provide a snapshot of compliance across a health system.

The Resource Library within Tracers with AMP contains User Guides, instructional videos, and optional webinars you can register for which can help answer many common questions. JCR Technical Support is also available to assist you or answer any questions that you might have. Please call 877.223.6866 (option 2) or email the below mailbox.

Yes, Tracers with AMP is optimized for mobile devices. You can download the mobile application called JCR Tracers and access after purchase. JCR Tracers is utilized for collecting tracer observations on the go.