Conferences & Seminars

Our live conferences and seminars are held across the country throughout the year and provide you on the spot education and networking opportunities.

Online Education

Online education is the most convenient and cost-effective way to educate your staff and minimize expenses without the need to leave your organization. Participants can access educational programs featuring the most sought-after Joint Commission content, or view the recording available 24/7.

JCR and Lippincott Online Courses

JCR and Lippincott Nursing Solutions have partnered to create online courses that promote patient safety and compliance, and support Disease-Specific Care certification in heart failure and stroke.

Certified Joint Commission Professional

Effective immediately, JCR is no longer accepting new applications for its CJCP program, as this program has been discontinued. Those individuals currently holding the CJCP credential will retain that designation in perpetuity, without recertifying or paying any fee. CJCP will remain a visible, valued designation of achievement.

This change allows JCR to pivot to new education initiatives as a result of the pandemic. JCR continues to support our customers by offering the most authoritative, highly valued education and publication resources. Thank you for your support of the CJCP program since its inception.