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Customer Success Stories

Over 1,500 organizations are using JCR’s eProducts to help them reach their patient safety and quality goals. Read some of their stories to learn more about their successes and to see if our eProducts could help your organization as well.

Suite of Software Solutions

Learn how a health system utilizes multiple JCR software solutions.

Tracers with AMP® for Continuous Readiness

Read how a hospital uses Tracers with AMP® as a performance improvement tool to achieve continuous readiness.

Tracers with AMP® to Identify Performance Gaps

Read how a hospital uses Tracers with AMP® to identify performance gaps to prepare for Joint Commission reaccreditation.

Tracers with AMP® COVID-19 Tracer Templates

Learn how a hospital uses COVID-19 tracer templates to keep staff safe and healthy.

Tracers with AMP® Beyond Accreditation Prep

Discover how new data collection options lead to innovative ways to use Tracers with AMP® to help improve patient safety and quality.

Tracers with AMP® Mock Survey Feature

Read how a system uses the mock survey feature to collect and enter mock survey findings and create robust reports to determine trends and risk points.