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E-books FAQs

After your order has been placed and you have received your order confirmation, please log into the JCR Store with your email and password to download your e-book from the My Account section. In addition, all recipients of the e-book will receive an email download notification with a link to download the e-book when it is available.

Once you have purchased an e-book, the e-book will be made available for download in your My Account section of the webstore. Once you log in to the store, you are automatically taken to the My Account section, select e-books from the My Products section to locate your e-book file for download.

JCR e-books are delivered to recipients as a PDF file. You do not need an e-reader to view the e-book, only a computer or personal device that has a PDF reader application installed (such as Adobe Reader).

Some JCR e-books include additional tools. These tools are delivered in a .zip file, which also includes your PDF e-book. After downloading and saving the .zip file to your computer, right-click on the file and select "Extract All..." then follow the prompts in the dialog box that opens to access the files.

JCR e-books are for individual use only. They cannot be forwarded to others or posted for unlimited access. This includes copying and pasting content into other applications, such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

Some e-books are offered as a PDF site license. A PDF site license entitles you to share the e-book with others in your organization only, either by posting to a secure intranet site or by providing other means of secure access.

The best way to make certain that you don’t violate JCR’s copyright protection is to request permission to share content by emailing the below mailbox.