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Our Offerings

At Joint Commission Resources (JCR), we have a full library of publications that apply to all health care settings and organizations. From books and manuals to digital subscriptions, you will find:

  • Our complete collection of accreditation and certification standards manuals
  • Periodicals and digital subscriptions for timely information on safety, quality improvement and more
  • Practical checklists and toolkits
  • Resources on specialized health care topics
  • Trusted prep and readiness resources

With our publications, you know that you’re getting the best health care content. And it’s more affordable than you might think. All content is:


Everything we publish is informed by peer-reviewed literature and expert consensus. You can trust that information is accurate and vetted.

Written by the Experts

JCR experts contribute to all books, manuals and digital sources. We often partner with external experts too, meaning you’ll find information from a variety of health systems.

Interactive, with Practical Tools

Many of our publications are also workbooks or toolkits. They not only offer information but also user-friendly checklists, templates and examples you can use.

Reusable and Cost-Effective

You can share and reuse our resources. With a one-time purchase, your entire team has access to the tools (and sometimes thousands of additional resources) they need.

Find a Publication

Use the filters and search bar to find a publication. Select the book or E-book, manual or digital subscription to learn more.