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Vincent Avenatti

Vincent Avenatti



  • Over 28 years of building and fire code enforcement experience for commercial and residential buildings
  • Reviewer of building plans in accordance with fire safety and International Code Council (ICC) standards
  • Reviewer of Healthcare Occupancies building plans for inpatient/outpatient settings in accordance with NFPA 99 and FGI requirements.
Mr. Vincent Avenatti is a CMS Consultant and Joint Commission Standards Consultant for Joint Commission Resources. Mr. Vincent Avenatti is a CMS Consultant for Joint Commission Resources. Mr. Avenatti is a certified trainer for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Life Safety Code (LSC) programs including: Basic Life Safety Code, Fire Safety Evaluation Survey (FSES) Board and Care, and NFPA 99 Healthcare. His Life Safety Code (LSC) Specialist experience includes project management of a survey contract with CMS for federal oversight of long term care facilities across the nation. He was the driving force behind the development and maintenance of a LSC survey and documentation process that was accepted by CMS regional offices.
As an LSC Specialist for the Alabama Department of Health, Mr. Avenatti conducted surveys of health care facilities, including hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and skilled care facilities, assessing for compliance with Medicare LSC regulations and state licensure rules.
Mr. Avenatti was co-author of the CMS national award winning Basic Life Safety Code training manual, and author of the web-based advanced training programs for the following fire safety inspection principles: "fire alarm system testing," "sprinkler system testing," and "construction principles." 

Professional Experience

  • Life Safety Code Specialist, Alabama Department of Health

Professional Affiliations or Certifications

  • Fire Safety Evaluation / Health Care (CMS 1/2001MD)
  • Fire Safety Evaluation/ Small room and Board (CMS 12/2001MD)
  • Fire Inspection Principles (NFA 4/2000MD)
  • Fire Inspection Structure and Systems (NFA 2/ 2001MD)
  • Housing and Building Inspector (#2265)
  • Housing Rehabilitation Code Enforcement Officer (#474)
  • International Code Council
  • International Code Fire Code Official (5178492-F6)
  • International Code Housing Code Official (5178492-H6)
  • International Code Fire Inspector I (5178492-66)
  • International Code Fire Inspector II (5178492-67)
  • International Code Standard Fire Safety Plans Examiner (5178492-FS)
  • International Code Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector (5178492-64)
  • International Property Maintenance and housing Inspector (#831G)
  • National Fire Protection Association


  • Pre Engineering, Weber State College, Ogden, UT, USA
  • Pre Engineering, Troy State, Troy, AL, USA
  • Pre Engineering, Ashford University, San Diego, CA USA