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Tracers with AMP
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Tracers with AMPTM

Tracers with AMP™ is a cost-effective tool that allows you to analyze your organization’s performance, prioritize improvements, assess organizational risk, increase collaboration and build automated reports for leadership and frontline staff. 
You’ll have access to 15,000 pre-built, customizable tracers plus new and updated tracer templates added continuously throughout the year.
Tracers with AMP™ is available for all health care settings across the continuum of care, giving you the ability to see a high level view of your organization or system and conduct a deep dive into specific departments or locations.
Hospitals and Critical Access hospitals can add the CMS module to manage both Joint Commission accreditation and CMS compliance with one unique tool.

$3,990.00 - $7,990.00
Product Description

Product Description

Many compliance directors face competing priorities that prevent them from proactively managing risk. They need to be able to assess, identify, and create improvements before a crisis occurs. Not addressing the challenges increases risk and leaves organizations vulnerable. Tracers with AMP™ can help.

Tracers with AMP™, developed by clinical advisors at Joint Commission Resources, anticipates, reduces and reports risk across departments as well as system wide, putting leaders in control. This enterprise platform is available for all health care settings across the continuum of care including hospital, critical access hospital, ambulatory, behavioral, home care, laboratory, nursing care center, office-based surgery, and disease-specific care.
Key Features: 
Ease of scoring
Tracers with AMP™ allows users to record, track, and trend internal tracer activities online by creating a custom tracer from existing templates or from scratch. The survey questions in the tool link directly to the Elements of Performance (EPs). This powerful tool allows users to score EPs accurately by accessing related results of tracer findings and by using the new SAFER™ Matrix.
Tracer tools and library
Tracers with AMP™ provides users with the ability to access various tracer tools, such as Tissue Management, EOC Tracer, and Pain Management. These tools, backed by a library of over 15,000 sample questions linked to various EPs, can be utilized and customized to perform tracer activities in your organization.
Reporting features allow you to evaluate and analyze previously performed tracers, track improvements over time, provide a high level view of your system compliance or compare departments or sites, and prioritize improvement projects for a department, organization, or health care system. Reports can be accessed immediately after a tracer is conducted and overall system compliance assessments can be automatically emailed to leadership.
• CMS Module
Assess and help trend readiness with both Joint Commission EPs and CMS Conditions of Participation (CoPs). The CMS module will allow you to access pre-populated CMS tracer templates that help identify critical CMS items, analyze your performance against CMS regulations, and conduct compliance self-assessment, cross-referencing A-tags and C-tags.
Mobile application
Optimize Tracers with AMP usage throughout your organization by utilizing the mobile application.
E-dition® is included
With each purchased license of Tracers with AMP™, JCR's E-dition is included. Current Joint Commission accreditation and certification standards and requirements are just a few clicks away. E-dition delivers 24/7 web-based access to all the content printed in the Comprehensive Accreditation Manual.
Tracers Payback Calculator 
Discover how quickly and significantly Tracers with AMP™ can cut costs and enhance your tracers program.

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License Type

License Type

Tracers is only available as a site license. Unlimited number of users within your organization can access this product.

To experience superior speed and performance, we highly recommend you download Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. Click on the links to begin the download. Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or below will not be supported officially. Please contact JCR Technical Support at 1-877-223-6866 (option 2), if you need further assistance.

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Register for a Demonstration

Register for a Demonstration

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  1. Do I need to purchase AMP to work with the Tracers?
    Tracers is sold with AMP, so you will not need to purchase this separately.  
  2. I already use AMP, how do I order the Tracers?
    Call Customer Service at 877-223-6866.
  3. For which programs is Tracers currently available?
    Tracers is available for the Hospital, Critical Access Hospital, Ambulatory Care, Behavioral Health Care, and Laboratory accreditation programs.
  4. Is there a plan to release it for other programs in the future?
    Yes. New programs are in development.
  5. Do I need any special IT support to use the Tracers?
    No. Tracers is a web based program, so there is not a requirement for additional IT support. 
  6. How does AMP and Tracers work together to aid in compliance activities?
    Tracer tools can be customized by the organization using templates created by JCR, audit and tracer tools already in use or a combination of both. Tracer findings recorded by the organization are linked to the Joint Commission standards and EPs. This technology allows you to review aggregate tracer data for an EP, chapter, or the entire organization. Automating the tracer process will allow you more time to act on opportunities and less time tracking data manually.
  7. Are any other standards or requirements included in Tracers?
    Yes. The CMS Conditions of Participation are linked to Tracers in addition to the standards from the CAMH.
  8. Is Tracers for organizations not yet using tracer methodology, or is it geared to organizations with a robust tracer program?
    The answer is both. Tracers has many templates and a vast library of over 3,000 questions for those organizations who are just beginning to implement a tracer program. Tracers also allows you to create custom tracer templates based on tools that have already been developed in your organization.
  9. What training is available for Tracers? Is there an additional cost for this training?
    The Help tab in Tracers contains the Tracer User Guide, which can help to answer many questions. In addition, a training schedule will be posted here as well. This training is free of charge. As always, Technical Support is available to assist you or answer any questions that you might have.
  10. How do I contact Technical Support for Tracers?
    Call 1-877-223-6866 (option 2) or email
  11. How does Tracers support other functions such as credentialed practitioners and competency assessment?
    By utilizing the tracer team report an organization can create a list of medical staff, mid-level providers, and staff who were involved in the tracer activity for a time period.
  12. What type of reporting is included in Tracers?
    Tracers offers multiple options for reporting, including departmental or site comparisons, tracer aggregate, PFA, top priorities, and many other filtering options.  There are also enterprise level reports that are perfect to provide to leadership as a snapshot of compliance across a system.
  13. Can I get a preview of the product?
    Yes. Click on the "Register for a Live Demonstration" tab on this page to view all the upcoming dates.
  14. Does Tracers integrate with other JCR software products, like ECM Plus?
    At this time Tracers only applies to the EPs and shows COP crosswalk. Other regulatory standards will be integrated in future.
  15. Once I have access, do I need to set up access for all the users, or will all the users that have access to AMP automatically have access?
    All program administrators will automatically get access to Tracers. If you already use AMP, other users can be provided access to Tracers with a click of a button in AMP administration. New users can be added just for Tracers as well.

  16. Are the CMS tracer templates included?
    The CMS module is a add on feature. It can be added to a hospital license for $1,000 and to a critical access hospital license for $500.

Support / Training

Support / Training

JCR offers a wide range of education and training opportunities for the e-product solutions from interactive onDemand Trainings to personal 1:1 training offerings. Information on education is available on the e-products portal page.

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Pay by Check or Wire Transfer

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