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About Our Training

Achieve your Green Belt certification through our training program for individuals and small teams. Featuring faculty with significant experience in applying the systematic approach of RPI, the Green Belt Certification Training Program incorporates a blended approach of Lean, Six Sigma, and change management specifically within health care settings.

The highly engaging three-part training course is designed to align with your project progress at your organization so that students are freshly applying their knowledge and enriching that knowledge with applicable skills.

Why Attend

Learn from certified process improvement faculty with deep expertise in applying Lean, Six Sigma and change management skills specifically within health care settings who can help you: 

  • Address complex and high-impact patient safety and quality care issues (e.g., falls with injury, healthcare-associated infections, medication errors, wrong-site surgery).
  • Identify and validate the root causes of your organization’s most pressing issues.
  • Develop solutions to those issues that are tailored to your organization’s processes, norms and culture.
  • Interpret data and outputs from statistical analysis software to make data-driven decisions.
  • Ensure long-term sustainability of gains and improvements.

Program Highlights

Features Green Belt training promoted and practiced by The Joint Commission, the nation’s leading healthcare improvement organization.

This unique opportunity to enhance your process improvement and change management skill set while simultaneously receiving hands-on expert guidance on your organization’s priority project.

Learn RPI techniques to position yourself as the expert in sustainable process improvement across your organization.

Network with peers in similar roles in organizations across the United States to discuss current patient safety and quality care challenges.

Participants will have the ability to select the projects that are a priority to their organization.

Three dedicated hours of mentoring to help trainees as they encounter project obstacles, consider various approaches and apply the tools. Calls are to be scheduled by participants with their mentors as needed.

Receive formal Green Belt certification upon successfully delivering a report on your project’s impact.

Offer a Group Training Program

Host us virtually or at your facility for a training scheduled when and where your team is available for training up to 20 leaders in your organization.