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Medication Safety

Provide the highest level of medication safety


The complexity of the medication system requires expertise to help ensure that all medication processes support the highest levels of patient safety. You can work with Joint Commission Resources’ (JCR) consultants to bring this expertise to your organization.

Our consultants can help you perform extensive medication safety assessments to evaluate policies, data, and processes pertaining to medications in all areas of your organization, as well as identify gaps in performance using Joint Commission standards and leading practices.

JCR consultants can also help your organization perform assessments and drive performance improvement in the following high risk areas:

  • High risk medication processes including sterile compounding, USP 797 and USP 800 compliance, chemotherapy safety, and pediatric medication processes
  • Use of medication-related technologies
  • Problem prone processes such as medication reconciliation
  • Pharmacy performance improvement

Some of our popular consulting topics include safe adoption of technology, pharmacy, medication reconciliation, custom team training and focused performance improvement.

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View our 'Medication Safety fact sheet (PDF) for more information on this consulting service.